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Our Services

Our Services

We take great pride in offering…

Compassionate, personalized and affordable Funeral Services

Put your mind at ease and feel rest assured that we will provide your family with the highest quality funeral services during your time of need.

Let Us Handle the Details

Writing and placing classified death notices in newspapers;

Securing the death certificate and burial or cremation permit;

Arranging the purchase and opening of cemetery graves;

Arranging for your choice of music, when requested;

Providing flower tables, and display boards for photos;

Emergency Call: (515) 655-8055
Memorial Services

Personalization of Services

Our experience has shown us that many of today’s families want more than a traditional funeral. This can be done by bringing more of the personality and lifestyle of the deceased into the arrangements.


By displaying photographs or staging the event around a favourite pastime, a memorial service can become more personal and meaningful.

  • What did your loved one like to do?
  • What was he or she like as an individual?
  • What was their profession and how did that shape their life?
  • Was your loved one spiritual?
  • Was he or she proud of their cultural or ethnic heritage?